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What type & grade of premature ejaculation do you have?

Premature ejaculation is a dysfunction that depending on the circumstances that gave rise, & severity of expression in whom have the disorder, find classification in type & grade.
There are essentially two types of premature ejaculation: primary & secondary:
primary ejaculators
They are those who have always had premature ejaculation, ie never been able to run their ejaculatory reflex. Mostly they are men who acquire masturbation inadequate habits during teenager, specially for fear of being discovered or anxiety to get as quickly as possible to feel the pleasure of orgasm. These conditions steadily alter the information in the brain of the individual, resulting inevitably in a ejaculation with the minimum stimuli before & / or during sex.
Obviously the major problems start at the same time of the first sex with a partner, being of very short duration & obviously, of little or no satisfaction for both. As expected these events will ultimately also affect the man on the psychological level, making him easy prey to fear & insecurity.
Secondary ejaculators
The secondary ejaculators are those who originally were able to control their ejaculation, ie they had sex with normal skin tone, losing that ability, for some reason at some point in their lives. Often the grounds is usually related to different factors of a psychological nature, such as the augment of life stress, emotional crisis, a loving fragment, the beginning of a new relationship, a long epoch of sexual abstinence, etc., & in minimal percentage, the outer shell of a pathology that involves the ejaculation reflex system.
For purposes of classification & according to their severity, are seen four degrees of untimely ejaculation:
Grade 1
The degree of premature ejaculation milder, related directly & solely with the group of secondary premature ejaculators. Usually stems from emotional factors such as stress, overload of responsibilities, personal & work problems, a long stage of sexual inactivity, etc, ect. Dysfunction may emerge occasionally, difficulting the organize the advent of orgasm between 5 & 10 minutes of intercourse, especially in those moment where the reason, are latent.
Therapy to be functional in this case does not demand much time to have an effect, or even just removing the cause or reason that motivates it, is sometimes enough for the individual to regain control over his ejaculation.
Grade 2
Directly associated to secondary ejaculators, this level of dysfunction, is already considered premature ejaculation as chronic, where the personality does not exceed 4 minutes of intercourse (penetration), so necessarily requires behavior or specialized program that allows man to regain control over his ejaculatory reflex. Generally, persons who reach this level are the same that initially had grade 1 of dysfunction, & didn´t act in time or chose measures with no scientific or medical support.
Grade 3
Directly associated with primary ejaculators, results from the complicate of the grades 1 & 2, grade 3 of dysfunction involves individuals with disabilities to control their arousal & orgasm imminent, to the point of occur within seconds after penetration.
At this level, dysfunction has a psychological complications, making the man very shy & insecure. It is imperative & urgent a treatment or professionally led program, to reverse premature ejaculation & its complications.
Grade 4
It is practically a disorder of dysfunction. In this degree of untimely ejaculation, the individual usually lose his self-esteem as a man, isolates wholly from the sexual life & even social. Being the most severe degree, is characterized because the male experiences his ejaculation in response to the lower erotic expression of his partner or to the smallest sexual inspiration, usually before penetration.
It should be noted that all the untimely ejaculators, regardless of the group that identify them, when dysfunction appears, it can reach a level 4, if not taken appropriate measures in time, because as a feature of premature ejaculation, is aggravating or worsening at an accelerated pace over time.
Obviously, for those who are in this level of dysfunction, there is no other choice that good treatment, competently directed, it must have both adequate knowledge about dysfunction, as well as a paying attention psychological support. Recovery time is reasonably greater than that required by persons with lesser degrees of premature ejaculation, but with discipline & insistence, insurance in a couple of months the problem will be reversed.

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