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The pubococcygeus muscle strengthen your sex life

The pubococcygeus muscle, also called “PC” is a pelvic muscle that controls the urethra, extends from the coccyx positioned in the bottom of the spine to the base of the penis, form an arc. This anxious connection involves connecting the pelvic nerve to the bladder & prostate.
The PC muscle is responsible for interrupting the flow of urine during urination & also pumping the semen in an ejaculation, which in the holder of an individual with premature ejaculation occurs involuntarily.
Way to identify:
The PC muscle is in the perineal area, between the base of the testicles & anus. The easiest way to locate it is interrupting the flow of urine during urination in intervals, without constricting the muscles of the abdomen, hips or buttocks. Some nation take longer to identify it, so it is optional to realize this procedure until to be sure have located.
Kegel exercises:
Dr. Arnold Kegel in the middle of last century developed a series of exercise routines with the original aim to strengthen the pelvic muscles to control urinary incontinence that women often acquired after giving birth. Currently these routine are recommended for men with urinary incontinence after prostate surgery & with excellent results to obtain better control over the ejaculatory reflex in men with premature ejaculation.
The success of the line up is fully guaranteed, but it depends on an appropriate practice & disciplined enforcement of the various routines.
One advantage of the exercises is that they can perform at any time or place, either lying downhill or sitting in a chair in the home or even at office, but need to limit that have got to be executed properly & under a specialized direction. At no time during & / or after execution you should feel sting, neither of back nor abdomen. If these nuisances are given, it would mean that you are exercise the wrong muscles or simply are not doing well. Eventually exercise your PC muscle will provide you pelvic force, which will make stronger & sustained your erections, further it will support the control of the ejaculation during sexual intercourse & intensify the sensations that you experience during orgasm. Also, if you get the habit to train frequently the PC muscle as part of your sexual health, it will avoid the weakening or atrophy when reaching to old age, preventing in this system the urinary incontinence & erectile dysfunction.

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