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Sciences studying premature ejaculation

There are four science devoted to the study & treatment of inopportune ejaculation, these are:
Urology has its beginnings in the mid-nineteenth century, at first as a subspecialty of general medicine. It is a sphere of medical-surgical order, which deals with the study, diagnosis & treatment of different diseases that affect the urinary tract, adrenals, & retroperitoneum of both sexes & the male reproductive system.
Currently, includes quite a few subspecialties, such as andrology, neurology, oncology, urology, endourology, geriatric urology & pediatric urology.
The approach that urology gives to untimely ejaculation is basically from the point of view of the urogenital affections, that patients could present on the posterior urethra & prostate, neurological disorders, degenerative disorders, vascular disorders & hormonal imbalances, in short all those circumstances that affect or alter the reflex mechanisms of ejaculation.
Sexology is the science that deals with the systematic study of human sexuality & the issues that relate to it from a genital standpoint, physiologic in general, social & psychological, linking a large number of disciplines, & medical specialties. In other words, it study the sex with all what means to be, feel & / or manifest as a man or woman with their respective demands sexological.
Andrology (Greek aner, andros, man & logos, treaty) is the subspecialty of urology that deals with the study, exploration & investigation of issues related to sexual functioning, diseases that are transmitted by this way, the reproduction & infertility, as well as diagnosis & treatment of hormonal changes that occur with age in men (andropause), ie an analogy of the gynecology for women.
The main troubles that andrology studies from the point of view of sexual dysfunctions are: erectile dysfunction or impotence & premature ejaculation.
Psychology is the science that deals with the scientific study of behavior & experience of human beings & animals & how they feel, think, learn & know to adapt to their environment. Modern psychology has been faithful to collecting thos facts for systematically organizing until developing theories for their understanding to help us understand & explain both their behavior & even predict their future actions.
Historically it has been divided into several interrelated areas such as: physiological psychology, which studies the brain´s operation & nervous system. The untried psychology that applies laboratory techniques to study for example, discernment or memory. Social psychology is concerned with environmental influences on the individuals & how they act in groups, & clinical psychology that aims to help those with problems in their daily lifes or suffer a mental disorder.
Because premature ejaculation in many cases involves psychological aspects such as strain, anxiety, insecurity, shyness, etc., it is imperative that treatment to follow for reversing the dysfunction has complementary psychological support.

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