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Premature ejaculation. Where is the problem?

Several factors such as lack of data of the subject, a no professional advice, the maddening hypersensitivity of the glans (penis head) that usually a man with premature ejaculation develops, & the annoying & disturbing secretion (pre-ejaculatory fluid) , which usually appears just before the inevitable ejaculation, usually makes the man thinks that problem is in his penis, which further affects his masculinity & thus his self-esteem.
But the truth is that the problem in any way is in the penis, but rather on the in sequence available in premature ejaculator´s brain for responding to received stimuli before & / or during sex.
Yes, our brain is responsible for both receive sensations & offer impulses or responses, & does it with a pre-established pattern, which in the holder of an individual with untimely ejaculation, must be reprogramed, so to speak.
There is no better example to recognize this, that the act of masturbation, where a second person doesn´t involves, but the same individual creates in his mind the erotic fantasy that excites him, breathing an imaginary sexual experience.
For this reason, it is imperative to understand that this dysfunction will not find real recovery on surgery or pharmacological resources, but only in a conduct or program for re-educating the lost control over ejaculatory reflex, ie that the system to be followed should revert or reprogram the information housed in the brain, which visibly involves a technical process that must be professionally managed.
Currently, it has now get nearer to the optimized design of routines based on scientifically designed exercises to solve the problem, these ensure a complete recovery in a relatively short time, depending of course on the severity or degree of premature ejaculation.

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