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Premature ejaculation has no cure!

Early ejaculation have no take care of, simply because it is not a disease but a dysfunction, which is characterized by lack of control over the ejaculatory reflex experienced for a man, because of a disturbance in the information available in his brain, trough which responses are given to perceived stimuli before and / or during a sexual relationship.
Yes my friends, premature ejaculation is not get hold of by a bacteria or virus and has neither been shown that heredity genetic has something to do, for that reason, to retrain the control over the ejaculatory reflex in an individual with premature ejaculation, surgeries and administration of drugs are not required, worse the application of creams and retardant spray, which actually are only anesthetics, but it´s necessary a treatment or program based on scientifically designed routines of exercises for this purpose, with which in a methodical way, you learn to stop the advent of orgasm and can handle the intensity of your excitation in each of the different stages that make up a sexual relationship, getting in this way controlling at will the time in sex.
The talk about work out plan is 100% guaranteed, regardless of the degree of premature ejaculation, with noticeable results and progressive from the first sessions and obviously without any risk to your health.
The improvement time of all qualities vary depending on the particular gravity of the case, but on average it takes three weeks to be able to successfully control ejaculation during sex.
One of the major loot of this treatment is that it can be done alone, without the intervention of the couple, thus ensuring privacy, which provides confidence and encouraged to follow ahead.

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