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Premature ejaculation, a silent epidemic

The premature ejaculation currently affects one third of the male population & it is considered that about 75% have experienced it at least in one occasion, more than any other sickness such as prostate cancer or erectile dysfunction. However, in dissimilarity to this, is the least competently treated, the main reason is obviously the shame of the individual to seek help.
The average age of premature ejaculator is between 18 & 42, right in the period of greatest sexual activity, with the irritating circumstance that the sufferer ends up being affected also in psychological aspect, making him an insecure & hermetic individual that hardly ever decides to expose his case, so it can continue to deem this subject as taboo. This outset, makes more dangerous the dysfunction since it gives the opening to appearance of resources with little or no medical prop up, such as pills or retardants creams, the man with precipitate ejaculation acquires almost clandestinely in an effort to improve his sexual performance, often beginning to the desperating reality that benefits of these products are minimal & only hide the problem, but completely are not a solution for dysfunction as such.
If we analyze the consequences of premature ejaculation, these go beyond the personal suffering & involve the partner, often creating an impression of dissatisfaction & rejection of the privacy with a sexually frustrated life. These conflict are often exacerbated, leading to frequent separations & disappointments.
Some recent medical investigate point to a neurobiological origin of premature ejaculation, leaving aside the psychological aspect that predominantly has handled the issue, so that was done the official launch of the first drug for premature ejaculation under the trade name “Priligy” however both effectiveness against dysfunction & its commercial success have been very poor.
Then one more time, the only proven & efficient method at least until now, is the therapy through routines designed to retrain the individual’s ejaculatory reflex, obviously under a specialized & responsible management.

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