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Masturbation, a double-edged sword

Masturbation is the stimulation of the own genitals or another person with the purpose of obtaining or providing sexual pleasure, despite of achieving an orgasm or not. Such inspiration can be performed with the hands or other objects & even with devices specifically designed for this purpose, as the call sex toys.
Although this practice has traditionally been attributed especially males, most current studies & researches show that in fact both men & women have similar tax of masturbation, but with the individuality that men do not deny it & may even exaggerate the frequency that they masturbate, while women deny or decrease this activity. In short, this is in no way an topic that needs big presentation because it is usually part of our sex life.
However, regardless of the dye sinful & immoral that many cultures have given throughout history, the act of masturbation itself is not at all a share of health risk & rather on the contrary is a natural resource for the exploration of sexuality, the discovery of some pleasures & in the case of men even as therapy to lengthen significantly the time delay of sexual intercourse, using some methodical exercises designed for this purpose wich is also considered an activity with antistress & relaxing effects.
However the downside as it were, occurs when an individual (a man) either through ignorance, fear to be exposed or concern to get as quickly as possible an orgasm, masturbates in an unfortunate manner, usually accelerated & with the sole aim of reaching ejaculation. Then, this actions will gradually do that the brain to react faster & faster to perceived stimuli, leading ultimately to the condition of premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction in which the gentleman looses the ability to control both increasing his excitement & the advent of orgasm. clearly the effects of this dysfunction will be noticeable at the same time that man starts having sex with a partner, situation that generate multiple psychological consequences, such as uncertainty, anxiety, coyness, etc, etc.
From the above it is accomplished that if the inadequate masturbation is the reason because an individual has come to be premature ejaculation, obviously to reverse this problem in no way will have to choose a drug treatment, but a program that re-educates the information that has been altered in his mind & based on which responds to received stimuli before & / or during sex.

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