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How Male Enhancement Works

You may be wondering how male enhancement works, & particularly what makes CockXXL so different from other male enhancement capsules. The key to CockXXL, is its 2-in-1 formula which creates a natural reaction between a variety of ingredients included in CockXXL. By combining these ingredients, in addition to create a synergistic reaction, CockXXL is absorbed directly by the body, which in turn means better & faster results.

Ingredients like L-Arginine & Tribulus work together to enter the blood stream & increase blood flow.

Other ingredient added in minor quantity like Siberian Ginseng, Hawthorn Berries, & Epunendum Sagitum also help to increase levels of testosterone & promote better erections by stimulating the libido as well as blood circulation.

Other Male Enhancement Benefits

Rich in antioxidants, like EGCG & Lycopene, CockXXL helps to remove free radicals & carcinogens from your body. This is important for both sperm manufacture as well as prostate health. Free radicals are caused by pollution, smoke and other activities.

CockXXL is the only male enhancement pill with antioxidants to remove such carcinogens. This not only helps to promote improved health & increased energy, but is also vital in promoting prostate health.

CockXXL also helps to improve overall physique by introducing Creatine into its formula. Creatine is often used in order to decrease the effects of aging & also promotes the regeneration of skin tissues. In doing so, CockXXL can as well help to improve joint function & also help to tone your muscles.

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