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Dry orgasm. When & Why?

Usually when a man reaches orgasm or climax, experiences the ejaculation or semen eviction, but there are cases in which the individual reaches this point & even perceives the sensations, however the process does not take in the evacuation of seminal fluid. This is known as orgasm devoid of ejaculation or dry orgasm.
Before puberty, males practice this type of orgasm because their reproductive organs have not reached sexual maturity & can also achieve multiple orgasms due to some times they need a reduced period for recovering the erection.
The sensations experienced in a dry orgasm differ from man to man. Some enjoy their power, while others found no satisfaction but rather pain & even despair. There are also suitcases where orgasms without ejaculation are obtained by following a sexual relationship with multiple orgasms, where logically at some summit will end sperm reserve available, generating this effect momentarily until seminal fluid be replenished again by the prostate & seminal vesicles.
Those who have undergone prostate exclusion, usually by a prostate cancer or individuals with symptoms of obstruction in the seminal pathways, also called retrograde ejaculation where semen continues to bladder instead of outside the urethra, can also experiment this particularity, in this last case semen usually is evacuated after in the urine, adding a whitish color very easy to distinguish, but sometimes even generates an urinary tract infection, so if any, is recommended to visit an urologist as soon as possible.
Finally, it can also be achieved on a voluntary or deliberate, making heaviness at the midpoint between the anus & the base of the testicles (see figure), either manually or by tightening of pubococcygeus muscle or PC, just when the pulse or orgasm spasms start, which causes a finish of the urethra during ejaculation, prevent sperm from reaching the penis. This technique should be made watchfully & prior knowledge, as well as it can drastically help prolong orgasms & get them in multiple ways, if done wrongly it can be achieve a sharp pain at the level of the testes & anal area, plus the ability to cause damage to the system involved in ejaculation.

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