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Premature ejaculation. Where is the problem?

Several factors such as lack of data of the subject, a no professional advice, the maddening hypersensitivity of the glans (penis head) that usually a man with premature ejaculation develops, & the annoying & disturbing secretion (pre-ejaculatory fluid) , which ...

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The pubococcygeus muscle strengthen your sex life

The pubococcygeus muscle, also called “PC” is a pelvic muscle that controls the urethra, extends from the coccyx positioned in the bottom of the spine to the base of the penis, form an arc. This anxious connection involves connecting the ...

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Prolonging the pleasure

It’s a tetra master enfold in foil, the antidote to impatient passion. Two lines of “climax control” condoms that contain a mild anesthetic, Benzocaine, promise men the sort of self-restraint that once required tantric meditation or at least a distracting ...

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Age, Orgasms and Exercise


Many men as they age may experience a decline in the intensity of their orgasms. While they still may enjoy sexual activity several times a week & are able to achieve an orgasm, they find the intensity & satisfaction of ...

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