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A bigger Male organ means more confidence & a better married life

Does Male organ Size matter to Women?

Male organ

The mantra published on many websites is that size doesn’t matter for women. Unfortunately, this seem to be a plain & simple lie. In face to face surveys most women claim that Male organ size does not issue for the attribute or their married life, yet anonymous study show the exact opposite: Most women say that a bigger Male organ looks aesthetically more appealing & ensures a better stimulation during sexual intercourse.

Additionally, the majority of women prefer confident men & there is clearly a relation of penile size & self-confidence. Men with a bigger Male organ seem to approach women in a more positive & active way.

Studies with men show identical results: While most men with a bigger than average Male organ claimed to be very satisfied with their sexuality, many men with a smaller Male organ said they already had problems with sexual intercourse, especially bringing their partners to orgasm.

A bigger Male organ means more confidence & a better married life – So Let’s face it

What is the average Male organ Size?

Male organ

The are many studies about Male organ size from all over the world, the usual penile size varies a bit depending on which sources or studies you refer to. In general & in contrast to common believe there is no relation of average Male organ size to race, age or entire body size. The worldwide mean measurement for a relaxed, flaccid Male organ is about 4.7 inches in length with a circumference of roughly 3.9 inches. The North American average is considerably higher, almost 5 inches. In studies that rely on self measurement these values are significantly higher than in studies that base on measurement by medical professionals, pursuance to a Wikipedia article.

The length of the flaccid Male organ does not related to the length erect Male organ. Some studies say the stretched length is a hint to the effective vertical size, although this data isn’t scientifically verified. The mean straight size is an estimated 5.5-6 inches with a perimeter of 4.7 inch.

An adult Male organ of 2 inches or less is referred to as a medical condition called MicroMale organ, which affects about 0.5% of the worldwide male population.

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